Today Designer Spotlight: Allsorts Black & White Edition Packaging Spotlight

Confectionery makers, Cloetta, owners of liquorish brand Allsorts, teamed up with Finnish design agency Bond, to design the packaging for their new ‘Allsorts Black & White Edition’.

Bond have worked with Cloetta before, designing the packaging for the Allsorts Originals Range, using bright, vibrant colours with simple geometric shapes against black-backed packaging.

Using the simple but effective concept of the original packaging they have stripped away the colours to instead use black and white for the Limited Edition confectionery.

You could even lose the text on the packaging and know immediately what you are looking at, it’s that effective, using simple shapes and lines to visually describe the contents in a way that photography never really could.

The packaging concept used for the Original Range was simple, but it’s because of the simplicity and effectiveness it gave Bond the opportunity to re-use it by giving it a ‘premium’ feel. By swiping back colour when designing it gives the artwork a purity. When creating a concept it’s common for a designer to artwork in mono and I would guess that the mono version used for this packaging was probably the basis for the Originals Range to start with.

The designers at Bond have used a concept that works and enhanced it. The silver ink used for the Allsorts packaging brings out the icons and makes the product one of quality. By a simple turn of colour the shapes blend from a high quality product to an exceptional one.

Are you impressed by Bond’s packaging for the Limited Edition confectionery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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