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  • The Logo Community : Hi Tony, thanks for your message, I released this as an issue in the group newsletter. There is a Tony subscribed not sure if its you? I have left a link to the issue below -
  • Tony : I saw a tweet awhile ago about how to helped a designer show his work online. He was but doing it without context and you helped him setup a website and show his work correctly on social media. Think that would make a good article on here. Love your work and insights thanks Andrew
  • The Logo Community : Hi Steve, it was great working together appreciate your support.
  • The Logo Community : Hi Mark thanks for your comments, your welcome.
  • Markeestrator : HELLO fellow creatives.
  • Steve Croyden : Nice website Andrew, I am greatful for your support you gave me recently.
  • The Logo Community : Thanks Lantern much appreciated!
  • Lantern : Your doing a great job with the content. We visit your blog daily. Keep up the great work Andrew. The back story to The Logo Creative story is very meaningful and powerful
  • The Logo Community : * NOTICE - This chat page is just temporary while we work on the profile sections.
  • The Logo Community : This is something we are working on Pearson.
  • Pearson : It would be great if we could have profiles to chat maybe in the future.
  • The Logo Community : Thanks Simon appreciate your comment.
  • Simon Brooks : Hi I'm simon I'm a designer also love your content been following you for a while keep up the great work.
  • Tom : Awesome site bro, I have followed logo creative blog for ages and love your content. Keep up it up bro!
  • The Logo Community : Fantastic thanks again for your support Matt.
  • Matt : That's great and think its a really good idea i'll be a daily visitor thats for sure.
  • The Logo Community : Thanks Matt appreciate your comment and support. The spotlight work will be featured on this site and still shared out on Twitter. We wanted to create a site to store all the work we share so people can look back on past work and gain inspiration.
  • Matt : Hi im Matt im a hugh fan of the work you do over at the logo creative and this site looks great. i followed your spotlight work on twitter and really enjoyed the work you shared. Keep it up!
  • The Logo Community : Hi and welcome to The Logo Community. This is just a simple way for you to chat with visitors of The Logo Community, nothing fancy just say hi and introduce yourself.
  • The Admin : High five! You’ve successfully installed Simple Ajax Chat.


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