Today Designer Spotlight: Tinder Brand Identity Spotlight

Tinder has updated the design of its distinctive flame logo. The new logo is more rounded and has a gradient effect on the flame.

Speaking about the new logo, editor and branding specialist of Under Consideration, Armin Vit, said:

“Probably unbeknown to anyone, the flame became, literally, the hottest app icon on people’s phones and, now, reaching Nike Swoosh status, Tinder has decided to forego a wordmark and let the flame do all the brand heavy lifting.”

And it works. I have never used Tinder and even I get the power of the flame and its ability to stand on its own.”

Tinder is a location-based application with an estimated 50 million active users.It specialises in matching people through photo and brief bio. Tinder first launched in 2012 and has commonly become the worlds hottest dating app . Nonetheless, Tinder provides other services as to generalise the app to other social media. Now what’s new from this popular dating app is their makeover. Tinder’s logo transformation has users swipe right immediately.

Over last few years, Tinder used their orange-flame-coloured app logo but Tinder’s new appearance has changed a bit. Tinder still use their old icon but there is a slight different on the shape and colour. The new logo has a touch of pinkish gradient with pointier upper part compared to the old one. Also, the lower part is now too round.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of Instagram’s 2016 logo redesign, which saw the social network replace its retro camera symbol with a pink, orange and purple gradient icon.

Me personally i think the logo is good considering Tinder is more app based. The gradient would be expected for this type of app but colour choice is nice and just right for Tinder to show passion and their modern romance vision.

The new flame is nicer in that it has pointier flames but the overall shape looks a little too round considering its a flame, making it look less like a rising flame. Overall, it’s a nice crisp implementation and confident improvement that cements the high-level position Tinder holds in the social landscape.

After careful observation of the logo, I noticed something terribly wrong that really shocked me.

I tweeted this and the internet went crazy!

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