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We post insights, tips, resources, goodies, and learning threads so we can all learn together

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We now have a new community newsletter/group, and what's great about this is that the platform allows readers to like and comment on posts just like it's a blog post but more discussion focused.

The aim is for it to be more engaging and interactive for YOU! the reader.

Andrew, the owner and founder of The Logo Creative, will be sharing lots of insights:

✔ His own articles and knowledge and insights to help you learn from.

✔ His insights and thoughts about articles published on the site.

✔ His tips and resources

✔ His Hot Finds, Design Bundle Deals and and goodies he thinks you will like.

✔ What he's doing including: Books he's reading, music he's listening to and what he's watching

✔ His tweet of the week on Andrew's personal twitter account, were he shares his insights

We will also be sharing more threads so we can all learn from and engage with each other.

Come Join us 🖤

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